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Canadian Atlantic Lobster is considered one of the world’s premier seafood and is in high demand. Canada currently supplies more than half of the world's supply of "hard-shelled" Atlantic Lobster. Live lobster is available year-round from Wholesale Live Lobster holding pounds. Great strides have been made in holding technology, enabling access to high-quality live lobster throughout the year. Hard shelled versus soft shelled. In Canada, the lobster season is staggered around the summer moulting period and most Atlantic Lobster are harvested hard-shelled. Many consumers prefer hard-shell lobsters over soft-shell lobsters because of several reasons. Hard-shell lobster contains 50% more meat than the same size soft-shell lobster. Hard-shell meat is firmer, while soft-shell meat is softer and tends to have more water. Furthermore, hard-shell lobsters ship better than soft-shell lobsters because they are less likely to crack en route. Cracking a hard-shell Atlantic lobster takes some effort, but the results are worth it! Contact us to help you source a good, steady supply of succulent hard-shell Atlantic Live Lobster all year-round.

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